Conference Program: A detailed program and schedule, including plenary and breakout session speakers and topics, is available via the conference web portal or as a printable copy.

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The Basics: Essential Skills for All Dual Enrollment Leaders
Moderator: Memo Caldera, Utah Valley University
Rozlynn Wick, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Katie Gilbert, Northeast Iowa Community College
Eric Young, Syracuse University 


Across the State with Texas Partnerships
Catherine O'Brien, Houston Community College and Houston Independent School District
Michael Love, Houston Independent School District
Tonie Baddillo, El Paso Community College
Ivette Savina, University of Texas at El Paso
Michelle Kehrwald, Ysleta Independent School District 


Cultivating Belonging in College Readiness Programs
Tina Polishchuk, Idaho State Department of Education
Matt McCarter, Idaho State Department of Education 


Which Types of Classes Give the Best Jump-start on College?
John Fink, Teachers College, Columbia University
Davis Jenkins, Teachers College, Columbia University
Nadia Nakonecznyj Leary, MyUniversity and Lorain County Community College 


Best Practices & Issues for Four Year Institutions Forum
Michael Beam, Indiana University 


Introduction to NACEP's National Standards - 2017 Edition
Deanna Luchene, Indiana University
Jeff Murphy, Northeast Iowa Community College 


Statewide Approaches to Quality Assurance for Concurrent and Dual Enrollment
Moderator: Adam Lowe, NACEP Executive Director
Jessica Espinosa, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Tari Lambert, Indiana Commission on Higher Education
Mercedes Pour, Maine Community College System 


Best Practices Flash Talks
Moderator: James Hendrix, Ball State University
Lorry Beth Wilson, West Kentucky Community College
Denise Griffey, Johnson County Community College
Metra Augustin, Johnson County Community College 


Big Ideas Panel on CTE
Moderator: Amy Williams, Montana University System
Jenilee Williams, Pikes Peak Community College
Kourtney Goya, Pikes Peak Community College
Jean Kyle, Riverland Community College
Kelly McCalla, Riverland Community College
Sarah Stashkiw, College of Lake County
Gina Schuyler, Lake County Tech Campus 


Discussion Zone: Continue the Conversation with Deborah Santiago
Deborah Santiago, Excelencia in Education 


How Are HLC States Increasing the Number of Qualified Instructors?
Jennifer Zinth, Education Commission of the States
Jenny Parks, Midwestern Higher Education Compact 


Engaging in the Partnership Standards
Moderator: Diana Johnson, NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Bretton DeLaria, Saint Louis University
Sandra Wald, Central Methodist University
Peggy O’Connell, Central Methodist University 


Advocating for Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Programs
Diane Skousen, Utah Valley University
Dr. Paul Watson II, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Alex Perry, College in High School Alliance 


The Implementation and Impact of Early College in Diverse Settings: A Research-Based Perspective
Nina Arshavsky, UNC-Greensboro
Eric Grebing, UNC-Greensboro 


Telling Your Concurrent Enrollment Partnership Story with Data
Jordan Horowitz, Institute for Evidence-Based Change 


Unique Recruitment and Marketing Strategies for Career Academy Programs
Kristy Black, Kirkwood Community College
Craig Stadtmueller, Kirkwood Community College
Todd Prusha, Kirkwood Community College
Tierney Hein, Kirkwood Community College 


Big Idea Panel on Partnerships
Moderator: Rosena Garcia, Alamo Colleges District
Dave West, Aurora Public Schools
Bobby Pace, Community College of Aurora
David Janik, Bowling Green State University
Holly Cipriani, Bowling Green State University
Sandy Cruz, University of Central Missouri 


Big Ideas Panel on Career Pathways
Moderator: Dianne Barker, Technical College System of Georgia
Moderator: Jaclyn Dumond, University of Southern Indiana
Heidi Wharton, Mount Wachusett Community College
Train Wu, Mount Wachusett Community College
Sara Paul, White Bear Lake Area Schools
Paula Palmer, White Bear Lake Area Schools
Gene Bottoms, Southern Regional Education Board 


Big Ideas Industry Partnerships and Apprenticeships
Moderator: Kent Scheffel, Lewis and Clark Community College
Katie Bucci, SUNY Delhi
Jason Thomson, Delaware Academy Central School
Mark Peevy, Technical College System of Georgia
Cherie Clark, Willamette Education Services District
Gretchen Brunner, Willamette Education Services District
Frosti Adams, Associated General Contractors: Oregon-Columbia Chapter 


All Things Digital: College Advising and Pathways
Dale Bonavita, Pikes Peak Early College
Theresa Klinitski, Falcoln District 49 


Research on Student Outcomes for Concurrent Enrollment: A Colorado Example
Michael Vente, Colorado Department of Higher Education 


Concurrent Enrollment: One Piece of the College & Career Readiness Puzzle
Sarah Stashkiw, College of Lake County
Susan Ros, College of Lake County
Jana Thompston, College of Lake County


Discussion Zone: Incorporating Concurrent Enrollment Programs into Strategic Enrollment Management
Leah Melichar, Ferris State University
DeeDee Stakley, Ferris State University 


Supporting Diverse Early College Models in Indiana
Janet Boyle, Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning
Andrew Findlay, Vincennes University
Odelet Nance West, Vincennes University 


Best Practices & Issues for Private Institutions Forum
William Newell, Syracuse University 


Power of Facilitated Networks to Increase Dual Credit's Long-Term Value
Catherine O'Brien, Houston Community College
Jennifer Saenz, The University of Texas at Austin
Pamela Campbell, San Jacinto College
Tonie Badillo, El Paso Community College 


This is Us - College and High School Connections
Bob Montez, Del Mar College
Larissa Duke, Calallen High School
Emily Gonzalez, Early College Programs Coordinator, Del Mar College 


One Small STEP Developed a Future of Successful STEM Education
Susan Guzmán-Treviño, Temple College
Kristen Griffith, Temple College 


How Transfer Advising Guides Have Influenced High School Populations
Angela Guadian-Mendez, Alamo Colleges District
Rosena Garcia, Alamo Colleges District
Zak Cernoch, Alamo Colleges District


JECA Cabinet: An Early College Partnership of Success
Vanessa Demont, Northeast Lakeview College
Anetia Ports, Northeast Lakeview College
Phillip Hicks, Northeast Lakeview College 


The Role of the Faculty Liaison: Best Practices in Working with Concurrent Enrollment Instructors
Deanna Luchene, Indiana University
Christina Parish, Syracuse University 


Exhibitor Session: Success in College Math through Concurrent Programs: Bringing Math Articulations to Our High Schools
Richard Kolasa, ALEKS  


College to Career: A Rural Experiment
Grace Rusth, Oregon Institute of Technology
Lana Crumrine, Klamath Union High School
Valeria Menke, Klamath Union High School 


New to NACEP: You’re Here, Now What?
Jennie Patteson, NACEP Director of Accreditation and Member Services
Jaclyn Dumond, University of Southern Indiana 


Pathways to Success: Maintaining a Thriving Concurrent Enrollment Partnership
Gary Walker, Pikes Peak Community College
Ivana Seligova, Pikes Peak Community College
Jenilee Williams, Pikes Peak Community College
Kourtney Goya, Pikes Peak Community College 


Understanding the Swamp's Ecosystem: Using National Student Clearinghouse Data
Rob Pusch, Syracuse University Project Advance
William Newell, Syracuse University Project Advance 


Teaching Dual Credit Graduate Course for High School Teachers
Donna Ekal, The University of Texas at El Paso
Erika Mein, The University of Texas at El Paso 


The Positive Impacts of Concurrent Enrollment: A Literature Review
Lisa Lucas Hurst, Southwest Minnesota State University 


One College + Five ISD’s = Meeting Students Where They Are
Tracy Steenholdt, Lee College
Anna Espinoza, Lee College
Savannah Wiggins, Lee College 


Without Walls: Expanding Our Reach Through Online Courses
Dewayne Neeley, Western Kentucky University 


Life is a Highway: Auto Certificate in High School
Rakhshi Hamid, Laramie County Community College
Seth Robbins, Laramie County Community College 


What’s Your Plan? Counselors Toolkit: Changing Mindset about Dual Enrollment
Chris Persons, North High School, Kern High School District
Gina Alfaro, North High School, Kern High School District 


Exhibitor Session: Romance on the Riverwalk:  Fall in Love With Your Dual Enrollment Process
Janet Van Pelt, 


State Agency and System Office Issues Forum
Moderator: Dianne Barker, Technical College System of Georgia


Getting it Right where it Counts: High Impact Strategies for Ensuring Student Success
Jonathan Grant-Brown, AVID for Higher Education


Eliminating Performance Gaps in Dual Credit Courses
Grevstad John, Stadium High School
Hayley Hathaway, Chief Leschi School District 


Critical Mentoring and Scholarship Production in Concurrent Enrollment Programs
Melanie Carroll, Syracuse University
Sean Conrey, Syracuse University 


GIS Techniques to Assess Dual Credit Programs
Yvonne Cuaycong Fisher, Saint Louis University
Bretton DeLaria, Saint Louis University 


#TrendingUp...Designing a Facilitated Online Dual Enrollment Model
Cynara Suarez, FIU Online
Enrique Blanco, FIU Online
Janessa Guzman, FIU Online 


Breaking the Code: Providing Students with Access to Cybersecurity Careers
Ruth Mihalyi, University of Pittsburgh
Christopher Geary, FBI
Heather Schoch, FBI 


Clear Plan or Random Acts of Credit? Designing Guided Pathways
Eric Grebing, SERVE Center at UNC-Greensboro
Nina Arshavsky, SERVE Center at UNC-Greensboro 


Beyond the Classroom: Integrating Strategies for Student Success
Gretchen Brunner, Willamette Promise/ Willamette Education Service District
Marla Edge, Oregon Institute of Technology
Cherie Clark, Willamette Promise/Willamette Education Service District 


The Grass Isn't Always Greener: Tweaking the Hybrid Enrollment Process
Jaclyn Dumond, University of Southern Indiana
Dana Drury, University of Southern Indiana
Erin Hollinger, University of Southern Indiana 


Flying Lessons: Constructive Approaches for Working with Helicopter Parents
Mary Stephenson, AcUtah Valley University 


Growing the Dual Credit Teaching Force
Sarah Hooker, Jobs for the Future
Michael Werner, Mounds View Public Schools
Tara Schneider, Denver Public Schools 


When is Enough, Enough? Creating Advising Tools to Identify Credits with a Purpose
Carleen Starr, Oregon Institute of TechnologyFrank Smith, Portland Community College


Exhibitor Session: Creating and Promoting Efficiencies for Your Program
Moderator: Jeong Oh, Canusia
John Dobyns, University Wisconsin at Oshkosh
Nicole Butler, Weber State University 


Peer Reviewer Training
Moderator: Jennie Patteson, NACEP Director of Accreditation and Member Services
Connie Poteet, National Park College, NACEP Accreditation Commissioner 


Discussion Zone: Open Forum with NACEP Leadership
Adam Lowe, NACEP Executive Director
Patrick Cannon, NACEP Board of Directors Incoming President
Tim Stetter, NACEP Board of Directors President
Kayla Westra, NACEP Board of Directors President-Elect
Diana Johnson, NACEP Accreditation Commission Chair 




Best Practices & Issues for Two Year Institutions Forum
Kayla Westra, Minnesota West Community and Technical College
Rakhshi  Hamid, Laramie County Community College 


Accreditation through the Lenses of Start, Finish and Review
Moderator: Megan Adamczyk, Minnesota State Community and Technical College
Glenda Roberts, State University of New York
Dawn Sohns, SUNY at Delhi
Ronald Brownie, Northern State University
Terry Piatz, Northern State University 


Discussion Zone: Research Roundtable
Moderator: Marian Borgmann-Ingwersen, NACEP Research Committee Chair, Nebraska Wesleyan University 


Big Ideas on Professional Development
Moderator: LorryBeth Wilson, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Christine Denecker, University of Finlay
Pamela Bilton Beard, Houston Community College
Timor Sever, Houston Community College
Jennifer Porter, The University of Texas at Austin
Jeremiah Lucas, The University of Texas at Austin
Mark Daniels, The University of Texas at Austin 


Best Practices & Issues for High Schools Forum
Mary Perez, Falcon District 49
Holly Handy, Davis School District
Gretchen Brunner, Willamette Promise/Willamette Education Service District 


Big Ideas Panel Equity and Access
Moderator: Jeanne Guerrero, University of Louisville
Michael Werner, Mounds View Public Schools
Shannon Kirkeide, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Jennifer Kim, Columbia University
Regina Roberson, Elkhart Community Schools
Amy Stine, Elkhart Community Schools
Jennifer Kim, Columbia University
Marjorie Coble, Bridgeport Public Schools 


Power of Relationships
Moderator: Robie Cornelious, Duval County Public Schools
Brandon Kowallis, Salt Lake Community College
Polly Hulsey, College of Southern Idaho
Jonathan Lord, College of Southern Idaho
Kendal Nield, College of Southern Idaho 


Big Ideas on Online and Assessment Based
Dewayne Neeley, Western Kentucky University
Kate Kraft, Township High School District 214 (IL)
Elizabeth Schiele, Township High School District 214 (IL)
Cornelia Paraskevas, Western Oregon University
Leigh Graziano, Western Oregon University
Phoebe Rouse, Louisiana State University
Aimee Welch-James, Louisiana State University 


Discussion Zone: Federal Policy Update: ESSA, Perkins, Pell and More
Adam Lowe, NACEP Executive Director
Alex Perry, Coordinator, College in High School Alliance 


Guided Pathways – Providing Direction from High School to College Completion
Moderator: Catherine Bryan, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Liz Cicchetti, Sinclair Community College
Kimberly Collins, Sinclair Community College
Edgar Soto, Pima Community College
Thomas Kluding, Pima Community College
Mary Mendez Rizzo, Monroe Community College 


Creating a Collegiate Culture in High School Settings
Moderator: Tim Stetter, University of Washington
Julia Hill, Oxford High School
Alice Abernathy, Jacksonville State University
Paul Finch, Falcoln District 49 


How Concurrent Enrollment Courses Can Springboard OER Adoptions
Paul Preimesberger, Central Lakes College 


19% - 26% More Passing Rates in Math 1050 (Quantitative Literacy) for CE Students Compared to Utah Valley University Students
Ofa Ioane, Utah Valley University 


The Advising Continuum: Guiding Students to Career & College Pathways
Mary Perez, Falcon District 49
Alexis Corral, Falcon District 49
Lis Fisk, Vista Ridge High School


Gettin' Real: Providing Equitable College Advising for Dual Credit Students
Melissa Biegert, Austin Community College
Ray Sandoval, Austin Community College
Stephen Clifton, Austin Community College
Katharine Bennett, Austin Community College
Sarah Stayton, Austin Community College
Savannah Wenzel, Austin Community College
Devon Miller, Austin Community College


What Else Transfers?: Translating the Academy Experience into University Study
Miles McCrimmon, Reynolds Community College
Sheralyne Tierseron, Henrico County Public Schools
Allen Riddle, Henrico County Public Schools


Strengthening the ECHS Community: Inter-Institutional Collaboration for Maximum Degree Alignment
Ivette Savina, The University of Texas at El Paso
Juan Bolanos, The University of Texas at El Paso

Integrating Professional Behaviors & Soft Skills Development in Technical Education
Monica Stewart, Wichita Area Technical College
Bruce Fritz, Dean, Wichita Area Technical College
Scott Lucas, Wichita Area Technical College


Bringing Concurrent Enrollment Faculty into the Fold
Rakhshi Hamid, Laramie County Community College
Nate Huseman, Laramie County Community College
Frank Romanelli, University of Rhode Island
Lori Huntley, West Warwick High School
Lisa Josephson, South Kingstown High School


Expanding Rigor Through Building Partnerships: Yes, We Can Do That
Lance Mouser, City College at Montana State University Billings
Austin Bennett, City College at Montana State University Billings
Crissy Rossow, Billings Career Center
Scott Anderson, Billings Career Center


Dual Enrollment Equity: Adapting Pedagogies Inside and Outside the Classroom
John Weinstein, Bard College
Vanessa Anderson, Bard Early College at Harlem Children's Zone
Carla Stephens, Bard High School Early College - Newark
Murphy Austin, Bard Early Colleges


Exhibitor Session: Reduce Barriers to Readiness, Retention, and Completion for Your Students
Don Pitchford, ACT


Discussion Zone: Accreditation Scope Expansion Listening Session
Diana Johnson, NorthWest Arkansas Community College


The Student Experience: How Dual Enrollment Influences Students' Socialization
Leanne Frost, Great Falls College Montana State University


Professional Development for Dual Credit Mathematics Teachers: Research to Practice
Melissa Graham, Eastern Washington University
Tina Larios, Columbia High School

Continuous Improvement in Dual Enrollment English Class
Crystal Edmonds, Robeson Community College


Can You Handle It!
Felicia Demps, Point University
Roxane Pace, Point University


Now You See Me! Overcoming Distance through Live Digital Instruction
Rich Harris, Northland Pioneer College
Renell Heister, Northland Pioneer College
Karen Zimmerman, Northland Pioneer College


It's Not You, It's Us: Non-Monogamy in Concurrent Enrollment
Stacy Hata, Denver Public Schools
Erica Ryan, Denver Public Schools
Peter Tardif, Denver Public Schools


Degree Audits vs Completion Plans...What Works Best for You?
Bree'ana Bridges, Eastfield College-DCCCD
Erin Glenn, Eastfield College-DCCCD


Deep Impact: How a State/Regional Chapter Can Play a Role with Statewide Guidelines and Legislation
Dr. David Naze, Joliet Junior College
Michele Brown, The Ohio State University
Deedee Stakley, Ferris State University


Exhibitor Session: Indiana University’s Online Graduate Courses for Teachers
Mike Beam, Indiana University
Becky Carter, Indiana University


English Faculty Roundtable Discussion
Lisa Lucas Hurst, Southwest Minnesota State University

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